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Capture is at our Core

Enabling businesses to thrive in an era of intelligence and automation with innovative capture, recording, and playback solutions.

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Interaction Recording l Compliance Capture l Communication Data

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Our Solutions


Teams Recording as a Service

Powering Your Data
Powering Your Analytics
Powering Your Success

Unlock the power of data with Numonix Teams Recording as a Service - TRaaS. We specialize in capturing essential data for AI and analytics providers across various industries. Think of us as the ultimate data refinery, equipped with all the necessary certifications and compliance measures to ensure your data remains secure and accessible. Join us in harnessing the new oil – your data – and fueling your analytics journey to success!


Easy to Use
Easy to Deploy
Easy to Maintain

IXCloud is a fully managed, Cloud Native Azure Software-as-a-Service interaction recording solution. It offers seamless recording, storage, and analysis of interactions in the cloud, ensuring compliance and reducing liability. With automation, control, and customization capabilities, IXCloud provides unmatched convenience and flexibility in an easy-to-deploy package. Let us show you how EASY it is.

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Engineered for Compliance
Engineered for Scalability
Engineered for Security

RECITE stands as our all-in-one on-premises solution for interaction recording and Quality Management. Meticulously engineered to empower you with intelligence at your fingertips, RECITE offers unparalleled customization options with 80 widgets and dashboards, 100 replay permission levels, 8 recording modalities, 50 pre-designed and modifiable reports, and 4 types of built-in storage support. With RECITE, you can make faster, more informed decisions and unlock the boundless potential hidden within your recorded interactions.


Integrated for Adaptability
Integrated for Ease
Integrated for Efficiency

By harnessing the synergies of IXCloud and RECITE, our innovative hybrid solution offers the ultimate fusion of on-premises and cloud interaction recording. Seamlessly integrating with diverse endpoints and communication platforms, it proves ideal for environments encompassing legacy equipment or a combination of TDM, VoIP, and analog phones. With our hybrid solution, you can effortlessly transition to cloud recording while ensuring uninterrupted continuity across platforms.

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Customizable Solutions for Your Industry







Public Saftey & National Security


Travel & Tourism


Collection Agency

Contact Centers

Power & Utilities

Communications & Media

Wholesale & Distribution

Interaction Recording Made Simple for Every Industry

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Why Us?

Numonix offers the single most versatile Unified Communications and Microsoft Teams recording solution for businesses and providers. Our products feature countless advantages over other recording providers, which leads to faster and better decision-making, accelerated sales conversion and more effective risk mitigation and dispute resolution.

Flexibility & Control

Numonix solutions deliver one-to-many data capture and organization, giving users flexibility and control of how they securely record and access recordings.

Cloud, PBX & UC Integrations

Our solutions have integrations for virtually every cloud communications platform, over 75 to be specific, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and AWS.


Our solutions give technology partners seamless integration with their technologies, leveraging Numonix and focus back to what they do best.

Built for Global Deployment

No matter the scale of your business, whether you operate locally, nationally, or globally, Numonix has meticulously crafted the perfect interaction recording solution for you. Our comprehensive range of solutions is purpose-built to cater to organizations of all sizes and industries, addressing your unique needs and empowering your success.

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Let us show you how EASY it is