Agent Notes/Reference Tagging

Agent Notes/Reference Tagging

Knowing exactly who said what and when can mean the difference between winning and losing important cases. Consistent liability protection and providing responsive client services helps maintain a reputation.

Agent Notes/Reference Tagging

RECITE’s Agent Notes and Reference Tagging feature enables users to input live searchable notes during a call as well as tag calls with unique references. This allows for grouped searching of calls with common tag references.

Reasons to use agent notes and reference tagging:

▸ Reasons to use agent notes and reference tagging:
▸ Group and track related interactions to see “the whole story”
▸ Save valuable time by locating calls faster and easier
▸ Tag and easily search call recordings using the same customer codes that you utilize in your CRM solution


  • ▸ Included with all RECITE versions — no additional licensing is required.
  • ▸ Insert notes during calls – notes saved at a time instant in the call are searchable
  • ▸ Insert reference tags to add unique identifiers to interactions and relate multiple interactions to each other
  • ▸ Search related interactions using key words or tags

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