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Legacy Telephony Connected to the Cloud

The Best of Cloud and On-Premises Interaction Recording

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Bring your legacy telephony to a secure cloud

Hybrid IXCloud creates a pathway to cloud recording, on your timeline.

We prioritize your recording, your way. Playback and listen to interactions across various communication platforms, while also meeting your business migration requirements. With our solution, you can seamlessly bring in your legacy recording systems, regardless of your current telephony solution, without having to make any major changes. This way, you can preserve your UC investment and make the switch at your own pace.



Traas Capabilities

Integration with the UC Equipment You Already Have

Numonix's Hybrid solution integrates with your legacy UC equipment, including Microsoft Teams, SIPREC, and leading PBX systems. You have the power to record and capture virtually any endpoint, including TDM, VoIP, and Analog

Securely Record Interactions from Virtually Anywhere, Anytime

Capture from one to hundreds of locations including work-from-home endpoints, securely, at any time, utilizing our solution with your regional, national, or global footprint.

Data Security
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Meet Compliance Requirements While Building Business Success

Gain the customer insights needed to increase your sales, utilize captured data to train your workforce, improve customer experiences through playback of secure recordings, and protect your business with roles-based access to your recordings.

Features Built for Microsoft Teams Recording

Experience features designed exclusively for Microsoft Teams, including automatic recording of external participants (PSTN), customizable recording rules for specific groups and profiles, the ability to record or restrict recording for specific meetings, and dynamic control over recording notifications by group.



The Best of Cloud and On-Premises Interaction Recording with Hybrid IXCloud

  • Compliance with regulations, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, BASLII and more
  • All-in-one interaction recording and Quality Management suite
  • Complete audit trail of interactions: voice, video, screen and Chat/IM
  • Quality monitoring of agent and team interactions for performance improvement and business growth.
  • Advanced search, retrieval and tagging of your important interactions.
  • Encryption and security with PCI muting to protect sensitive information within your teams interactions.
  • User-friendly interface with roles-based recording rules to ensure fast, simple, and EASY deployment.

Cloud Native Core

Introducing the first-of-its-kind recording engine architected from its core for Microsoft Teams recording and all SIPREC-enabled gateways without any physical or virtual hardware.


GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA compliance with built-in recording notifications and 256-Bit AES encryption.

Quick Deployment

Provision a recording endpoint in minutes and immediately begin protecting and analyzing your interactions.


No server management or maintenance required within your organization.


Pathway for Legacy Platforms to the Cloud

Ensure a reliable migration roadmap with integration to many available PBX and Unified Communications platforms for Cloud connectivity. Compatible with leading communication platforms, including but not limited to:

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Built for Global Deployment

No matter the scale of your business, whether you operate locally, nationally, or globally, Numonix has meticulously crafted the perfect interaction recording solution for you. Our comprehensive range of solutions is purpose-built to cater to organizations of all sizes and industries, addressing your unique needs and empowering your success.

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Let us show you how EASY it is