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RECITE On-Premises Recording

Interaction Recording Solution

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On-Premises interaction recording solution

RECITE Enables You to Record and Review Your Interactions Your Way

RECITE securely enables you to record and listen to your calls the way you want to. With customizable widgets and dashboards, customizable replay permission levels, various recording modalities, canned and modifiable reports, and multiple options for built-in storage support we put the right intelligence at your fingertips.

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All-in-One Interaction Recording and Quality Management Suite

RECITE’s all-in-one interaction recording solution and Quality Management Suite enables you to evaluate and elevate employee performance, ensure compliance, and truly understand your customer.

Regulatory Compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, BASLII, and more

To ensure compliance with regulations, RECITE has built-in safeguards, including muting and masking of sensitive information as well as 256-bit encryption.

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Valuable Insights into Your Employee-Customer Interactions

RECITE enables access to real-life interactions and data analytics to see what’s working – and what’s not – empowering you to elevate your employee performance to drive customer satisfaction.


Valuable Intelligence at Your Fingertips

With powerful data at your fingertips, you can make faster, better business decisions, accelerate sales, enhance customer engagement, elevate customer service, mitigate risks and resolve disputes, all while meeting compliance requirements.

  • Call and meeting recordings deliver powerful insights into your employee-customer interactions.
  • Video Recording of video-based interactions deliver the “big picture” of your customer service.
  • Screen Recording of the agent’s desktop is synchronized to the audio recording to provide a comprehensive view of the customer interaction.
  • Chat/IM Recording capabilities deliver additional insights into the customer experience.
  • Multi-browser capable, no need to rely on Internet Explorer or Silverlight.
  • More streamlined administrative features, including the management of team members.
  • No more Cache Time-out – with search features to better manage your data.

Customizable to Record Your Way

RECITE features an intuitive dashboard with 80 customizable widgets, 100 replay permission levels, 8 recording modalities, 50 canned and modifiable reports and 4 types of built-in storage support.

Secure Solution Meets Compliance

RECITE’s built-in security includes 256-Bit encryption. Users can access and retrieve Web-based recordings for easy, secure sharing of files (.WAV format).

Easy-to-Deploy, Use and Manage

RECITE makes it easy to deploy, use and manage your interactions. Scale from five to 500,000 users, regionally, nationally or globally.

Rich Set of Contact Center Features

RECITE’s contact center features including Live Monitoring for on-the-spot agent training; Agent Notes and Reference Tagging for easy search; and Customizable Dashboards to view real-time metrics.


Integration With Your Business Communication Solution

RECITE integrates with virtually every available PBX and Unified Communications platform. It is compatible with leading CRM platforms, including:

Optional Hybrid Cloud/Premises Solution

RECITE is also available as part of a hybrid cloud/premises interaction recording solution when paired with Numonix’s IXCloud.

Recite Hybrid

Numonix Advisor

To ensure that your RECITE system runs smoothly, our Numonix ADVISOR software monitors all calls processed, disk usage, and error alarms 24/7. With Numonix Advisor, you can reduce the need for local/in-house resources to provide system maintenance.

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Built for Global Deployment

No matter the scale of your business, whether you operate locally, nationally, or globally, Numonix has meticulously crafted the perfect interaction recording solution for you. Our comprehensive range of solutions is purpose-built to cater to organizations of all sizes and industries, addressing your unique needs and empowering your success.

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