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Unlock powerful features with the dynamic capabilities of Numonix recording solutions.

Agent Notes

Knowing exactly who said what and when is the differentiator between winning and losing important cases. Consistent liability protection and customer service promote a reliable reputation.

Compliance Masking

Conceal sensitive customer information disclosed within your interactions. All sensitive information is rendered inaccessible based upon recording policy.

Chat/IM Capture

Capture, catalog and archive available Chat/IM interactions. Gain an understanding of your agents productivity and communication skills while complying with industry regulations.

Enhanced Archiving

Archive or store interactions to multiple destinations, including cloud-based storage solutions including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Ensure redundancy and easily increase storage capacity without the need for additional hardware or software.

Quality Management

Enable your Quality Assurance and Management Staff to evaluate employee performance with an integrated call details page, allowing for call playback, synchronized recorded screens and chat archives while performing the call evaluation.

Call Scorecards

Fulfill your team's potential with comprehensive call scorecards designed to streamline employee performance evaluations. Assess skills gaps, training needs, performance trends and effectiveness of training.  Allocate resources to optimize team composition to meet demand.

Policy Based Recording

Empower users with granular control over policy-based recording settings. Users can define call scenarios, roles, and access tailoring them to meet policies to meet compliance requirements.

Audio Announcement

Administrators can allow users to enable or disable audio announcements for recorded calls, providing granular control at both the user and tenant levels.

Policy Templates

Create and save recording policy templates for easy application across users or departments. Streamline the process of implementing consistent recording settings.


Ensure the utmost security for your recorded communications with robust end-to-end encryption. Safeguard sensitive information and maintain the confidentiality of your calls with our state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Search and Playback

Empower your users with intuitive search functionalities to swiftly locate specific calls. Implement playback restrictions for enhanced control, ensuring that access to sensitive conversations is carefully regulated according to your organization's policies.

Digital Signature

Elevate the authenticity of your recorded data with our digital signature feature. Each recording is validated, providing an indisputable seal of approval. Enhance the integrity of your communication records for compliance and legal assurance.

Audit Trail

Control transparency with a comprehensive audit trail and change tracking system. Monitor every interaction with your recorded data, track modifications, and stay in control of your communication history for compliance and accountability.

Security Roles

Tailor access permissions precisely to your organizational structure with granular security roles. Define roles based on responsibilities, ensuring that each user has the appropriate level of access to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your recorded calls.

Secure Share Expiring Links

Collaborate securely by sharing calls with expiring links. Enjoy the flexibility of sharing specific recordings with authorized individuals, while maintaining control over the duration of access. Ideal for internal collaboration and external audits.

PCI Audio Suppression

Protect sensitive payment card information during calls with our PCI audio suppression feature. Safeguard your customers and ensure compliance with PCI DSS standards by automatically suppressing or redacting sensitive information from your recorded calls.

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