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Capture interaction recordings from virtually every communication platform. Harness the ability to record in all modalities including Audio, Video, Screen Sharing, and Chat/IM.



We work closely with Microsoft to develop interaction recording solutions that are Microsoft-qualified, certified and tested. Our relationship enables you to extend your Microsoft Teams experience into Azure with our interaction recording solutions. Capture all modalities, including voice, video, chat, and desktop screens, seamlessly. Enjoy web-based access and administration with roles-based user management, all in a completely cloud-based solution. Whether you're transitioning to Microsoft Teams or looking for GDPR, MiFID II, and HIPAA compliance, Numonix has you covered. Benefit from secure data storage in over 15 Azure datacenter regions, instant scalability, and advanced recording rules tailored to your needs.
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We ensure a smooth transition from your legacy systems to Microsoft Teams, offering seamless interaction recording for your evolving communication needs. Whether your infrastructure is on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both, Numonix provides recording solutions compatible with various UC platforms. Record all modalities, manage user roles, and choose from cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solutions, giving you the versatility to record your way.
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We provide a session-based recording solution for SIPREC, supporting simple setup and integration with third-party vendors. Capture trunk or station side conversations with ease, ensuring compliance and superior archiving in SharePoint and Azure cloud. Our solution isĀ  affordable, compatible, and flexible solution is backed by AES 256-bit encryption, meeting the security standards of PCI and HIPAA.

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