Call Recording

At the heart of the RECITE solution is Call Recording

RECITE offers a comprehensive range of integrations with virtually every available PBX and UC platform, along with central storage and retrieval. Its built-in encryption and security components keep recordings secure and tamper-proof.

Recording conversations between employees and customers enables you to better understand your customers’ perceptions of your company and its products and services. This empowers you to fine-tune your agent’s customer service skills to ensure an enhanced customer experience and improved satisfaction. Call Recording also helps ensure regulatory compliance and is a critical tool for transaction verification.

Call Recording Features:

▸ Support for VoIP, TDM and Blended Call Recording
▸ Seamless integration into third-party applications, such as
▸ Full-time recording – Record 100% of targeted interactions
▸ Secure encrypted storage with 256 bit AES encryption
▸ Real-Time Active Directory monitoring for automatically provisioning and decommission users.
▸ Active Directory integration for single point of log-in
▸ Secure, centralized Web access, analysis and administration from virtually anywhere
▸ Web-based User Interface with easy-to-use controls that provide single screen playback, analysis and quality scorecard access.
▸ Multiple advanced search criteria enables users to quickly locate and play back call recordings, including searching previously saved searches
▸ Multi-modality playback enables all interactions to be played simultaneously and viewed on a single screen
▸ Searchable notes can be inserted into calls during playback for clarity and support
live agent notes and unique reference tags can be inserted during a call as alerts
▸ Live monitor agent voice calls for immediate insights (included)
▸ Export calls for secure sharing by email for download by authorized users. Calls are exported in a .wav format.
▸ User Activity log details events by user activity
▸ System Audit log provides detailed event change log including previous values

Reasons to record calls:

Provides compliance with regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and others
Prevents your sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, from falling into the wrong hands
Provides protection against legal liability
Provides verification of verbal transactions
Helps resolve disputes and miscommunicaiton
Provides proof of verbal communication to help resolve disputes and miscommunication
Provides actionable data that empowers you to accurately measure each agent’s performance and visually represent these results in custom reports.

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