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Compliance Recording

Cloud-Based | On-Premises | Analytics | Sentiment Analysis | Intuitive | Quality Management | Versatile

Slide 1 -Desktop

Compliance Recording

Cloud-Based | On-Premises | Analytics | Sentiment Analysis | Intuitive | Quality Management | Versatile

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Natively built in the cloud and globally accessible on the GO

IXCloud, a certified Microsoft Teams compliance recording solution, is among the industry's first Azure-based, fully managed cloud compliance recording services. Uniquely activated as a fully managed service, IXCloud records, stores, and analyzes interactions without requiring physical or virtual servers, allowing for instant and elastic scalability to support business growth



Record on Demand and PCI Muting

Record on Demand using a Native Teams App. Recordings are stored securely. Built-in muting functionality for PCI and other compliance regulation or sensitive information. This can be used for calls that are being recorded automatically or Record on Demand. Muting is triggered when using the native Teams App, maintaining total integrity of the recording.

Data security at rest by multi-level encryption

Roles-based access control
Two-factor authentication

Securely share recordings internally or externally with password-protected expiring link

Calls are digitally signed for tamper-proofing and validation

Stereo recording for enhanced transcription accuracy and speaker identification

Transcription using next-gen speech to text technology for highest accuracy Enhanced services, including transcription (available), sentiment analysis (coming soon) and further machine learning based predictive analytics (coming soon).


Fully managed, native Azure Software-as-a-Service

  • External Participant Recording for Teams meetings: Automatically record meetings in which external participants are present on the call. This feature is triggered dynamically based on the presence of an external party or PSTN in attendance.
  • Recording Profiles: Ability to apply customized recording rules to various groups within the organization, including but not limited to choosing to record PSTN-only specific call queues, not internal calls or only record calls with external parties.
  • Record or Restrict Recording of Specific Meetings The recording activation can be linked to the meeting organizer and subject-line keyword, or only to the subject-line keyword. Meeting categories can also be utilized to activate recording.
  • Notifications: Provides authorized users with the ability to dynamically control recording notifications by group.

Cloud Native Core

Introducing the first-of-its-kind recording engine architected from its core for Microsoft Teams recording and all SIPREC-enabled gateways without any physical or virtual hardware.


GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA compliance with built-in recording notifications and 256-Bit AES encryption.

Quick Deployment

Provision a recording endpoint in minutes and immediately begin protecting and analyzing your interactions.


No server management or maintenance required within your organization.

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Built for Global Deployment

Whether your business is regional, national or global, we have the right interaction recording solution for you.

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