Collection Agencies

Collection Agencies

Enhance Your Customer Experience

▸ Train staff to deliver exceptional telephone
customer service
▸ Reveal and resolve skill gaps in performance

Improve Your Bottom Line

▸ Transaction Verification
▸ Resolve Misunderstandings and Disputes

Gain Advanced Technology

▸ Access valuable data live at a glance
▸ Seamless integration with third-party applications
▸ One of the only solutions compatible with
Skype for Business
▸ Compatible with virtually every PBX and UC platform

Increase Sales and Lead Conversions

▸ Track service, promotional and sales calls
▸ Understand the dialog that works best in sales calls.

Maintain and Protect Your Business Reputation

▸ Ensure staff training on accepted policies
and procedures
▸ Monitor live agent interactions
▸ Easily evaluate agents and provide situational training

Meet Regulatory Compliance

▸ Record calls and interactions for compliance and liability protection
▸ Reduce risks associated with regulatory compliance and information security
▸ Encrypt recordings of customer interactions to meet security standards
▸ Mask sensitive information to comply with PCI and other regulations
▸ Securely share interaction recordings

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