Educational Institutions Benefit From Interaction Recording, including:

▸ Campus Police and Security
▸ Admissions and Recruitment
▸ Donations and Fundraising
▸ Admissions and Records
▸ Online Classes
▸ Research and Data Collection
▸ Materials and Facilities

Support Safety at your Campus

▸ Track interactions between all relevant departments providing an accurate record of incidents
▸ Record potential phone threats and tag them for easy retrieval
▸ Record campus police analog radio communications
▸ Consolidate recording of all interactions into one easy-to-manage solution

Ensure Regulatory Compliance & Liability Protection

▸ Record calls and interactions for compliance and verification
▸ Mask sensitive information to comply with PCI and other regulations
▸ Record calls and interactions for liability protection and defense
▸ Securely share interaction recordings

Improve Your Bottom Line

▸ Transaction Verification for materials ordering and other agreements
▸ Legal record of transactions to limit liability
▸ Dispute resolution
▸ Analytics for measureable ROI

Meet Security Standards

▸ Encrypt recordings to meet security standards
▸ Easy secure access and file sharing

Improve Employee Performance

▸ Train employees on accepted policies and procedures
▸ Live monitoring of phone, screen and video interactions
▸ Enable employee evaluation and situational training
▸ Utilize analytics for measureable ROI and improve your bottom line

Maintain and Protect Your Reputation

▸ Ensure staff training on accepted policies and procedures
▸ Monitor live interactions
▸ Easily evaluate employees and provide situational training

Gain Advanced Technology

▸ Access valuable data live at a glance
▸ Seamless integration with third-party applications
▸ One of the only solutions compatible with Skype for Business
▸ Compatible with virtually every PBX and UC platform

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