Numonix Expands Compliance and Business Features for Its IXCloud Compliance Recording Service f …

Ixcloud Compliance Recording Service For Microsoft Teams

IXCloud Is a Microsoft Teams Certified Compliance Recording solution 

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 11, 2022 — Numonix, a developer of a versatile interaction recording solution for Unified Communications platforms, today announced expanded compliance and business features for its IXCloud® for Microsoft Teams fully managed cloud compliance recording service. Among the first Microsoft Azure-based recording solutions, IXCloud’s new features deliver expanded automation, control and customization capabilities to help ensure compliance and reduce liability while improving convenience, flexibility and ease of use. IXCloud is a Microsoft Teams Certified Compliance Recording solution.

“We are excited to announce new and enhanced IXCloud features, especially the release of our native Teams app for Record on Demand and compliance muting. These will further enable businesses to have increased flexibility in the way that they record their interactions while still facilitating compliance,” said Avi Margolin, CEO and CTO of Numonix. “We are currently working on some exciting new features that we look forward to sharing.”

New features include: 

  • External Participant Recording for Teams meetings: Automatically record meetings in which external participants are present on the call. This feature is triggered dynamically based on the presence of an external party or PSTN in attendance.
  • Record on Demand Using a Native Teams App: Recordings are stored securely in IXCloud, taking advantage of all the compliance features of IXCloud. 
  • Muting: Built-in muting functionality for PCI and other compliance regulation or sensitive information. This can be used for calls that are being recorded automatically or Record on Demand.  Muting is triggered when using the native Teams App, maintaining total integrity of the recording.
  • Recording Profiles: Ability to apply customized recording rules to various groups within the organization, including but not limited to choosing to record PSTN-only, specific call queues, not internal calls or only record calls with external parties.
  • Record or Restrict Recording of Specific Meetings: The recording activation can be linked to the meeting organizer and subject-line keyword, or only to the subject-line keyword. Meeting categories can also be utilized to activate recording. 
  • Notifications: Provides authorized users with the ability to dynamically control recording notifications by group.

About IXCloud for Teams

IXCloud for Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based interaction recording solution developed by Numonix, the innovator in capture technologies. Built on the runtime service fabric of Azure, IXCloud empowers users to record with integrity, providing instant hyper-scale, security and compliance plus the benefits of Data Sovereignty. Taking interaction capture into the future, IXCloud redefines versatility, providing the ability to record, store and analyze interactions in the cloud. Its API framework also enables application development.

IXCloud for Microsoft Teams features many benefits, including:


  • Fully managed, native Azure Software-as-a-Service
  • Ability to natively record audio, video and screensharing
  • Zero hardware or software footprint within the enterprise
  • No server management or maintenance required within the enterprise
  • Meets GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA compliance with built-in recording notifications and 256bit encryption
  • Compliance assurance with encryption, call search and playback restrictions, signature for validation, audit trail, change tracking and more. 
  • Resources for performance evaluations, including scoring and reports.
  • Securely stored data in a choice of more than 15 Azure datacenter regions, helping ensure compliance with Data Sovereignty requirements
  • Specific recordings based on the meeting organization and/or specific keyword in the subject line of a meeting invitation
  • Secure and easy access to recordings
  • Ability to instantly scale to support business growth 

Numonix has met Microsoft’s requirements to achieve co-sell-ready status. Numonix’s IXCloud’s offer in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource has received a Microsoft Preferred solutions badge.

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