Numonix Introduces RECITE Mobile Call Recording – Mobile Recording

Extends Enterprise IT Policies and Ensures Compliance to Mobile Phones With Automatic Recording of All Incoming and Outgoing Calls

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 3, 2016 — Numonix today announced RECITE® Mobile Call Recording, enabling enterprises to extend IT policies and ensure compliance to mobile phones with automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls. RECITE is the first interaction recording solution for Microsoft® Skype® for Business for Office 365 and records all modalities, including Voice, Video, Chat and Desktop Screen.

“Numonix’s RECITE Mobile Call Recording extends compliant recording beyond the enterprise to smart phones, integrating the mobile device with the corporate recording infrastructure for improved compliance and reduced costs,” said Avi Margolin, CEO of Numonix. “RECITE also helps reduce legal liability and provide valuable insights into customer interactions.”

Numonix RECITE Mobile Call Recording Extends Compliance to Mobile Phones

Numonix’s RECITE Mobile Call Recording extends compliance to mobile phones by providing automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls. Recording mobile phone conversations helps ensure that mobile phones adhere to the enterprise’s IT policies. It also enables enterprises to take advantage of dial plans and network rules for their mobile phone users, which helps reduce costs.

Benefits of RECITE Mobile Call Recording include:

⦁ Automatic recording of all incoming and outgoing calls, with optional notification that calls are being recorded
⦁ Extension of UC features to mobile phones, increasing productivity
⦁ Ability for business and personal numbers to work on the same mobile device, improving convenience for users
⦁ Ability to record mobile calls on a mobile phone’s native dialer without the need for third-party apps
⦁ Integration of the mobile device with the desktop environment for improved compliance and reduced legal liability
⦁ Increased ability to adhere to the enterprise’s IT policies

Compatible with any type of mobile phone, including iOS® and Android™ devices, RECITE Mobile Call Recording works with most popular carriers, including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in the United States and EE in the UK, KPN in the Netherlands. For companies using other providers, RECITE also supports the Truphone MVR technology. Truphone’s global network allows companies to migrate all their mobile devices to the Truphone network for native recording of audio and text. There is no need for additional hardware or software and no need to change the SIM card.

RECITE Mobile Call Recording joins Numonix’s family of RECITE interaction recording solutions, which include RECITE for Microsoft Skype for Business for Office 365 and RECITE Service Provider Edition (SPE). RECITE interaction recording solutions help ensure regulatory compliance, reduce legal liability and give valuable insights into customer interactions. RECITE is compatible with leading voice and UC platforms, including Allworx, Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Mitel, ShoreTel, Switchvox and Toshiba.

Numonix is an innovator in interaction recording and quality management solutions. Numonix’s RECITE interaction recording solutions help organizations maintain a competitive edge, ensure regulatory compliance, resolve disputes and enhance customer experience. RECITE captures all interactions, including voice, screen, video, and IM/Chat. Available in both enterprise and service provider editions, Numonix’s award-winning RECITE is deployed globally in contact center, customer service, financial, and public safety applications. Affordably priced, RECITE is scalable to accommodate organizations of any size and is available globally. Numonix is based in Boca Raton, Fla.

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