Numonix solution ensures all contact through Lync is reliably recorded

Solution profile: RECITE™ Lync recording Expanding Lync’s recording capabilities

Microsoft Lync serves as a rich communication and productivity tool for both in-house and external communications. Its functionality allows users to cross many communication boundaries, even taking them beyond the confines of a typical enterprise communication system. This poses an interesting challenge for enterprises, which are required by law to record specific conversations. RECITE™ by Numonix is a call recording system designed to support all aspects of Lync. RECITE™ integrates seamlessly with Lync to connect to a wide range of users (federated, Lync client, Lync telephone, remote, internal and so on) and is easily deployed within the enterprise Lync network. With simple, scalable software licensing, RECITE™ can be deployed as a basic call recording system and, through modular software architecture, the solution can be expanded to support advanced applications such as quality monitoring, agent scoring and compliance. RECITE™ expands Lync’s recording capabilities by providing centralised storage and cataloguing, while tracking users no matter how they use Lync – whether through the Lync client, a mobile device or pBX telephone, within the enterprise or federated with another Lync-based company. RECITE™ can be deployed cost effectively in a small single department, as a shared resource among multiple departments or as an enterprise, multi-site system.

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