Factors to Consider when Recording Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Now that it’s 2020, it’s time to consider recording your Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams interactions. You have contact center reps handling customer inquiries and complaints using these platforms across multiple contact centers, so now’s the time to start capturing those interactions to monitor agent performance, ensure compliance (GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, etc.) and have insurance against potential disputes.

Since the built-in recording capabilities for S4B and Teams are very limited, you will need to consider an add-on, Microsoft-certified recorder that offers the versatility to support your unique business requirements.

Recording All Interaction Types

Your S4B and Teams recorder must be able to handle your interactions across all your locations, regardless of their type, including:

  • Internal
  • Federated
  • Remote
  • Mobile
  • Conference
  • PSTN

Support for Multiple Integration Points

Your recorder needs to support multiple integration points, including:

  • Edge Server Model – to route interactions to edge pool for packet capture
  • Media Relay – to eliminate the requirement for port mirroring for the Edge Server Model
  • Standard Packet Capture Service – to receive packets via port mirroring if other models are not implemented

Robust Omnichannel Recording Capabilities

What’s more, your S4B and/or Teams recording solution must able to capture voice, video, chat and screen so you can have full interaction recordings to replay when necessary to prove compliance, resolve a dispute and so on. Integrated playback in a single window also enables your managers, supervisors and team leaders to precisely assess agent performance based on live interactions as they actually occur. Most S4B recorders do not offer omnichannel playback.

Versatile Deployment Options

Your recorder must support multiple deployment modalities, including single, multi-site regional and other regions to centrally capture interactions across all of your contact centers. You will also want support for both premise and cloud so the solution can grow with you and provide the versatility required as your organization grows.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Record on demand, pause/resume and sensitive information masking are critical features which allow your agents to comply with relevant industry and governmental regulations such as GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, TCPA, MiFID II and more. Your recorder must be able to support these capabilities in order to enable your agents with the tools they require to comply.


You need access to your recordings when necessary. Therefore, you also require versatility in where your interactions are stored. A S4B/Teams recorder enables you to keep your recordings safely stored in various cloud or premise locations, whether it’s your own enterprise server or cloud based (AWS, Azure, etc.).

The new year brings in new possibilities and opportunities. It’s time to expand the value of your S4B/Teams solution with a certified, compliant recorder which allows you to turn your recorded interactions into valuable business assets.

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