Numonix Announces RECITE 3.0 Interaction Recording Solution That Helps Boost Business Success a …

Numonix Announces RECITE 3.0 Interaction Recording Solution That Helps Boost Business Success and Ensure Compliance


Compatible With All Versions of Microsoft Skype for Business


ANAHEIM, Calif., IT EXPO, Booth 619, Oct. 6, 2015 — Numonix today announced its RECITE® 3.0 all-in-one interaction recording and quality management solution that helps boost business success and ensure compliance.  RECITE 3.0 is compatible with virtually every on-site and cloud PBX solution as well as all versions of Microsoft Skype® for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync®).  Scalable from five to 500,000 users, RECITE 3.0 is customizable to meet the specific needs of both large enterprises as well as SMB companies.  RECITE 3.0 is available globally from authorized Numonix dealers.  Come see RECITE 3.0 at Booth 619.


“RECITE 3.0 helps companies boost their business success and meet regulatory compliance by capturing content from multiple media modalities, including voice, video, screen and chat/IM,” said Avi Margolin, CEO and CTO of Numonix.  “The interaction recordings provide unique insights into employee-customer interactions, empowering companies to understand what really works to improve sales and customer service.”


Gain Valuable Insights Into Voice, Video, Screen, Chat/IM Interactions


RECITE 3.0 gives users valuable insights into all types of interactions.  Benefits include:

Maintain recordings of all interactions:  Voice, video, screen and Chat/IM

o   Call Recording for unique insights into employee-customer interactions

o   Video Recording of video-based interactions that deliver the “big picture”

o   Screen Recording of the agent’s desktop that is synchronized to the audio recording, which provides a comprehensive view of the customer interaction

Chat/IM Recording capabilities for insights into customer interactions

  • Easily access recordings for review, compliance, dispute resolution and training
  • Utilize the Quality Management tool for quality assurance and management to evaluate employee performance, ensure adherence to corporate procedures and maximize staff productivity


Help Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Reduce Legal Liability


  • Help ensure compliance with regulations, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Basel II and more
  • Mask sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) to meet compliance
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of interactions:  voice, video, screen and Chat/IM
  • Improve dispute resolution and reduce legal liability
  • Customize security profiles to suit specific needs
  • Rely on RECITE’s built-in 256-bit encryption, which helps to ensure a secure, compliant environment


RECITE 3.0 Is One of the Only Interaction Recording Solutions Compatible With Skype for Business


RECITE 3.0 is one of the only recording solutions compatible with all available versions of Skype for Business and all previous versions of Microsoft Lync.  Numonix is a Microsoft Partner and was one of the first companies to bring to market an interaction recording solution for Skype for Business.  RECITE is the only product of its kind to provide secure access to centrally stored recordings in the Skype for Business Client.


Included with RECITE 3.0, the award-winning RECITE Skype for Business delivers the following benefits:


  • Central and secure recording and storage of any Skype for Business interaction regardless of the type or location of the user
  • Secure access to centrally stored recordings in the Skype for Business Client
  • Access control to view and play back recordings, which is facilitated through permissions-based user profiles and can be customized from within the RECITE Command Center
  • Media Relay, which supports multiple points of presence, enabling users to record peer-to-peer calls without the need for port mirroring or an edge server.  Numonix was first to market with Media Relay for Skype for Business.


Scalable and Customizable to Meet the Needs of Both Large Enterprises and SMBs in Vertical Markets Globally


Scalable from five to 500,000 users, RECITE 3.0 is customizable to meet the specific interaction recording needs of both large enterprises as well as SMB companies. It also meets the unique needs of vertical market industries, including Automotive, Collection Agencies, Contact Centers, Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Law Firms, and Utility & Energy companies.  It can be deployed globally as required by the organization.


Built for global deployment, RECITE 3.0 features:


  • Rules-based cataloging for global and multi-site deployments
  • Enhanced provisioning with real-time Active Directory monitoring


Designed to Accommodate the Robust Needs of Contact Centers


RECITE 3.0 helps improve contact center agent performance by delivering:


  • Live Monitoring for on-the-spot agent training
  • Tagging of Agent Notes/Reference for easy search
  • Customizable Dashboards tool that enables agents, supervisors and administrators to view real-time metrics


Technologically Advanced for Maximum Value


RECITE 3.0 takes advantage of the latest technologies in delivering:


  • An intuitive user interface for fast start-up and minimal training
  • Web-based storage and retrieval for easy, secure sharing of files via email (.WAV format)
  • Integration with Existing Business Communication Solutions

o   Integration with virtually every available PBX and UC platform

o   Integration with the most popular CRM solutions

o   Integration with Skype for Business, providing a smooth migration path for all supported PBX systems, delivering 100 percent uptime for simultaneous recording of all calls on both platforms


All-in-one Solution:  Interaction Recording, Reporting and Quality Management


RECITE 3.0 includes everything businesses need to do for interaction recording and storage plus Quality Management tools, including these integrated modules:


  • Call Recording
  • Quality Management
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Agent Notes/Call Reference Tagging
  • Screen Recording
  • Compliance Masking
  • Chat/IM Recording & Archiving
  • Video Recording
  • Skype for Business (Lync) Client Module


About NUMONIX Inc.


Numonix delivers award-winning interaction recording solutions that boost its customers’ business success for virtually every vertical market. Numonix’s award-winning, innovative RECITE interaction recording solutions helps enterprises gain and maintain a competitive edge by ensuring regulatory compliance, improving customer service, and helping resolve disputes. A Microsoft Partner, Numonix was one of the first companies to bring to market an interaction recording solution for Skype for Business. Compatible with virtually every cloud and on-premises business communication platform and interface available today, Numonix’s interaction recording solutions are scalable from five to 500,000 users and deliver a reliable and robust set of features at affordable price.  RECITE is available globally throughout the Americas, APAC and EMEA.

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